Communication goes way beyond what we verbalize to another person. We communicate with others and with ourselves in many different ways.

In order not to be in constant conflict in our lives, we need to learn to listen in all forms. We can be more aware and more in control if we learn to pay attention to messages articulated not just through words, but through our thoughts, through our bodies, and through our felt emotional experiences. Knowledge is power, and the deeper we listen, the more knowledge we have.

Therapy will help bring awareness to any faulty patterns in how you speak and listen to yourself or to others. I can help you to identify these detrimental patterns and provide alternatives . Together we will practice new ways of communicating that reinforce positive, gentle, and supportive messages to yourself and improve the effectiveness of being heard and understood by others.

Our bodies are communicating with us constantly. Our bodies are letting us know how our own actions, other people, environments, and situations are impacting us. A racing heart, twitching muscles, sweaty palms, anxiety , headaches, fatigue and depression are all examples of our bodies talking to us. Sometimes, through these signals, our body is telling us we need to eat or drink water or sleep and sometimes these signals are like flares or red flags waving to let us know something is wrong in a situation or in a relationship or in a way that we are treating ourselves. If we unlock the meaning of these signals, we can understand the need for change.

Finally, listening to our emotions is the most loving listening we can do. Emotions reveal needs. If we listen to how we feel and understand what we need, we will be on the path of true healing.

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